screen innovation Pure-Zero-Edge
screen innovation Pure-Zero-Edge

Telo Per Proiezione ad Alto Contrasto Screen Innovations Pure Zero Edge™

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lo schermo di videoproiezione che sta cambiando l’home cinema!  Spesso cambiare un componente del proprio impianto induce sensazioni di cambiamento. Raramente si ha la percezione di “miglioramento dal giorno alla notte” che tutti noi auspichiamo. Il telo di proiezione è importante tanto quanto il videoproiettore!

Descrizione prodotto

Introducing Pure™ Zero Edge, the coolest new display technology to hit the Residential and Commercial entertainment space since the flat panel TV. Touted by integrators as being “the coolest, most forward-thinking solution to hit the Residential and Commercial entertainment space since the flat panel TV,” Pure™ Zero Edge redefines what white and gray projection screens can do to enhance the visual entertainment experience. Filling a void onscreen and in the marketplace, Pure White and Pure Gray Zero Edge projection screens feature SI’s proprietary Micro Texture that is nine (9) times finer and smoother than that of the best screen material available on the market today. Capable of reproducing perfect resolution from 1080P to 8K and beyond, Pure delivers image quality that is razor sharp with perfect color and uniformity that provides a sensory experience unlike any other. Designed to be quickly and easily installed, Pure Zero Edge screens do not require any additional assembly once unpacked. Mounting options include on-wall or flown from the ceiling by slender cables. Optional LED Lighting is built in to the frame and now incorporates six (6) custom preferences and 256,000 colors, including 6500 kelvin white. This unique feature set provides an incredibly sleek appearance and immersive entertainment experience that can’t be achieved with any other screen. Available in large-format projection screen sizes up to 120” in 16:9 and up to 150” in 2.35:1, the Zero Edge line now includes Pure White 1.3 gain, Pure Gray .85 gain, Black Diamond 2.7 gain, Black Diamond 1.4 gain or Black Diamond .8 gain screen materials. Prices start at $1599 MSRP, and are based on configuration. Delivering the most affordable, innovative and versatile screen technology available, Pure Zero Edge sets a new aesthetic standard that is currently unmatched in the Residential or Commercial marketplaces.


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